Thursday, July 23, 2009


1 set RM85
2-4 sets RM80
5 set RM75
10 set RM70
15 set RM65
20 set RM60

To demonstrate the length of the necklace 30" -32".A set consists of 1 long necklace with pendant,1 pc of ring,a pair of brooch( big & small) & bracelet.All these 5 pcs at only....You may request for other different colored crystal to go with the fresh water pearl.Can be customized according to your requested color & size.
Design of the brooch & ring cannot be requested

unless for the ring size(most of rings are adjustable ring)
RM 80

Spiral Set (long necklace,brooches,ring & bracelet)Length 35"
(you may request for them to be customized according to your fave color & size)
RM 70.
wholesale RM 65 MOQ 5 set

Pearl & crystal set
Consist of 1 long necklace(without pendant),a pair if brooch,1 bracelet & a ring.
wholesale RM65MOQ 5 set
(can also be customed made especially for you)