Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brooch & Pins

You can see the different between round pin RM9 and RM12

Scarf Pins
Available in silver/gold pin base.Colour can be requested.

1 line RM 3
W/Sale RM1.90 MOQ 30pcs

2 line RM 6
W/Sale RM4.90 MOQ 20pcs

Round RM9
W/Sale RM7 MOQ 10pcs

Round RM12
W/Sale RM9 MOQ 10pcs

Colour available:Light blue,light green,light purple,white,red,dark orange.black,pink,sea blue,olive green

Size: 2.0" and 0.5"(baby)
Attached with 12"diamante chain

wholesale RM17 MOQ 10set